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We want kids to feel welcome at Little Smiles at all times. Our upbeat staff is committed to creating an environment where kids feel safe and secure throughout their visit.


We are committed to teaching kids the importance of taking care of their teeth. We have invested in several interactive learning tools so that kids and teens value the important role they play in developing strong, healthy teeth.


We empower kids to take ownership and pride in caring for their teeth. We believe that when given the right information about oral care, kids will be more inclined to brush and floss their teeth regularly.


At Little Smiles, we provide high-quality, high-tech pediatric dentistry that revolves around one thing, and that is your child’s total comfort.

To us, going to the dentist is more than just having your teeth cleaned or cavities filled, it’s about having a great smile. As we like to say,

Pic and Burst

"Thanks to Dr. Jenny my 8 year old son who had an accident on the baseball field, on a Sunday, gets to keep his teeth and still wants to play baseball! Dr. Jenny comforted us both with her skill level, talent, and sincere loving care. If it wasn’t for her dedication to help we would have lost the teeth because it had to be fixed that day. Although she had to sacrifice her Sunday for us, she showed no regret at all. That is the stuff that Super Heros are made of. Thanks Dr. Jenny!"


"Starting with the environmental design, the office floor plan seems to be designed to accommodate a “full house.” The customer service from checking in with the front desk person, throughout the process, including the visit with the dentist is very satisfying. Everyone is friendly, professional and caring. I recommend this practice to anyone, and especially if your child may have anxiety about a dental visit. Little Smiles takes huge steps to alleviate anxiety experienced by patients and their parents!"

-Chaleigh, CEDAR PARK

"This place is great. The staff is very friendly and gentle. They make your child feel safe before they do anything, including telling them what they are about to do and letting them touch the tools before it is put in their mouth so they will feel safe. They even have movies for your little one to watch. They are great."

-Elizabeth, CEDAR PARK

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