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SmilesRWhatWeDoSmiles Are Just What We Do!

At Little Smiles, we provide high-quality, high-tech pediatric dentistry that revolves around one thing, and that is your child’s total comfort.

To us, going to the dentist is more than just having your teeth cleaned or cavities filled, it’s about having a great smile.  As we like to say, “Smiles are just what we do.”

Our Service Rocks!

Dr. Jennifer Kiening is committed to providing children with the latest, most advanced pediatric dentistry in a warm and caring atmosphere.   As a specialist in children’s dentistry, Dr. Jenny has enhanced and protected many smiles in our community.

We believe that giving your child a good first impression of dentistry can have a major impact on the way they care for their teeth for. We are committed to helping kids learn how to properly care for their teeth and develop good brushing and flossing habits so they have healthy teeth for years to come.  We focus on preventive care to help each child have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.