Our Difference| Testimonials

My 16 year old loves coming to the dentist with your fabulous staff, especially, Erin and Mallory…..they are the best. They are always very interactive with him and I feel that is so important because they treat him like he is an adult.  Thank you girls, cause this is the only Dr. visit that I don’t ever get complaints and arguments over!!!

Jacob, Austin, TX

Great dentist, staff, facility. My sons have loved coming to see Dr. Jenny 6 or 7 years now.

Joseph, Mano, TX

Came in because a filling from my son’s tooth had come out, only to discover there was a bigger cavity underneath. The staff was able to immediately move him to another room and take care of the issue that same morning, avoiding another appt and more time away from school. We love the staff at your office!!!

Andrew, Cedar Park, TX

Thank you so much for you hard work and loving way you took such good care of my son. He is in no more pain. He is back to his old self. You went out of you way to work him in and went above and beyond for him. Thank you so much.

Connor, Austin, TX

Thanks to Dr. Jenny my 8 year old son who had an accident on the baseball field, on a Sunday, gets to keep his teeth and still wants to play baseball! Dr. Jenny comforted us both with her skill level, talent, and sincere loving care. If it wasn’t for her dedication to help we would have lost the teeth because it had to be fixed that day. Although she had to sacrifice her Sunday for us, she showed no regret at all. That is the stuff that Super Heros are made of. Thanks Dr. Jenny!

Nathan, Cedar Park, TX

My 4 year old daughter had several teeth that needed work. I took her to Little Smiles because a coworker recommended that office. I really liked the way we were treated, especially how everyone in the office (whom we came in contact with) made my daughter feel comfortable, special, and safe. When I was told that Dr Jenny was going to do all the dental work in one visit, I was somewhat hesitant because I thought it would be too much for my daughter. But yesterday, after watching Dr Jenny and her assistant work on my daughter’s teeth, I was very impressed at how fast and efficient the whole process went. I am very pleased with the results and my daughter had a good dental experience.


Starting with the environmental design, the office floor plan seems to be designed to accommodate a “full house.” The customer service from checking in with the front desk person, throughout the process, including the visit with the dentist is very satisfying. Everyone is friendly, professional and caring. I recommend this practice to anyone, and especially if your child may have anxiety about a dental visit. Little Smiles takes huge steps to alleviate anxiety experienced by patients and their parents!

Chaleigh, Cedar Park, TX

This place is great. The staff is very friendly and gentle. They make your child feel safe before they do anything, including telling them what they are about to do and letting them touch the tools before it is put in their mouth so they will feel safe. They even have movies for your little one to watch. They are great.

Elizabeth, Austin, TX